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皇冠体育网站的所有官方部门和办公室必须审查他们在皇冠体育上的主要网站.edu,并使用由传播办公室提供或批准的模板和设计. This ensures consistent design and navigation across the College’s website.


  1. 品牌意识和感知
  2. 招生
  3. 管理/筹款
  4. Reduce content redundancy with informative architecture and thoughtful navigation
  5. Use common systems, dashboards, and codebase for efficiency and consistency
  6. 通过技术问题的解决和定期维护,保证网站的稳定性和安全性
  7. 确保实施遵循web标准、可访问性和可用性最佳实践.


1. Major departments and offices are contained in the root directory of 梯形.edu. 例如,梯形.edu/academics和基石.edu/admissions. 中心, 服务, 属于这些办公室的单位必须包含在更大的办公室的网站下. 例如, the 学者 website houses the individual majors (例如: 梯形.edu/academics/majors/psychology)

2. url应该尽可能的短,并且使用连字符来分隔单词——例如, 梯形.edu/res-life,不是重点.edu/resident_life.


1. Each department and office of 重点大学 is responsible for its own web presence. 然而, the Web 市场ing and 内容 Manager, 通讯办公室, or the Office of Information Technology, reserves the right to remove or edit content at any time.

2. 主管或主席负责该领域的内容,但也可以将网络评论委托给其他人. Members of this group will become part of the Web 内容 Committee.

3. 网络营销和内容经理每年联系网络内容委员会的成员三次(1月), 6月, 和9月)来审查内容. Each area is responsible for the following:

  1.  收集和维护与区域人员和活动相关的最新和准确的内容. Site content should be reviewed three times a year (Jan./ 6月/ 9月.), 必要时也可以, 确保所有内容的准确性和相关性,确保链接的准确性和有效性.
  2.  指定一个专门的人来管理和审查区域内的网站部分的网站内容.
  3.  Abiding by best practices outlined in these policies and in web tutorials.
  4.  Attending website training sessions and content review calls as needed.

4. 顶级页面.

  1. All requests for changes to the homepage, 滑块, header, footer, 关于页面, 事件日历, 或新闻事件页面必须提交给网络营销和内容经理或通信办公室.
  2. 网页的优先次序是根据目标受众的规模以及与学院优先次序的相关性而定.
  3. All links from the College homepage must stay on the 梯形.edu或gokcgiants.com域名.


1. 网络营销和内容经理将根据每个部门的需要在定期审查后或根据需要更新网站页面和部分的内容.

2. 内容 must be accurate and logical.

  1. 内容 on all subsites must be current and relevant. 过时的信息必须尽快更新,如果页面已经过时,则必须删除. The website should be a hub of up-to-date content, not an archive of old material.
    (i). 当页面需要更新时, 而不是创建一个包含当前信息的新页面并删除过时的页面, 应该更新现有的页面.
  2.  媒体库中的旧文件必须定期删除,这样它们就不会出现在搜索查询中.
  3.  短url必须定期检查(至少一个学期一次),以确保它们正常工作,并仍然被使用.
  4.  内容 must be centralized in the correct department or office website. If other websites refer to that information, they must link to the centralized location instead of copying the information. 例如, instead of uploading a campus map to the 学者 section, that section should link to the campus pap in the centralized 地图/Direction section. This keeps all content current and correct.
  5.  链接必须定期检查(至少一学期一次),以确保它们正常工作.

3. 内容 must be consistent and appropriate.

  1.  重点大学 will not tolerate offensive or abusive content on 梯形.Edu或任何在线平台. 内容 that is deemed inappropriate will be removed immediately, and the user responsible for that content will have web permissions revoked. Additional disciplinary actions may occur according to the policies in the employee, 教师, 和学生手册.
  2.  Copy should be written with the audience in mind, in a positive and friendly manner. 非正式和平易近人的语言, 不要太健谈, welcomes visitors to the site and encourages engagement. 使用不超过3-4句的短句和段落,中间要有完整的停顿.
  3.  Layouts must align with the provided templates, shortcodes, and styles. 例如, proper heading tags must be used instead of an image file of large text.
  4.  Video should be embedded via 重点大学’s YouTube channel.
  5.  All copy must conform to the College’s editorial standards, 通过适当的拼写, 标点符号, 语法, style, 等.
  6.  外部网站或博客或第三方系统(托管在梯形之外的网站).edu domain) to be used for official College business, including those created for marketing campaigns, 是不允许的, 除非经信息技术办公室或通信办公室批准. 请直接向通信办公室或信息技术办公室的网络营销和内容经理咨询.

4. 内容 must be accessible as possible.

  1.  所有皇冠体育网站的网页必须符合州和联邦无障碍标准.
  2.  PDFs should be created using accessibility standards.
  3.  编写有意义的链接文本.
  4.  Include descriptive alt text for photos.

5. 内容必须合法

  1. 当上传或发布机密信息时,网络编辑必须非常谨慎. pdf和其他文件是可搜索的,除非特别应用保护,否则不是私有的.
  2. 重点大学 must have copyright ownership or permission for all content, 包括文本, 照片, 地图, 图形, 文件, 和其他数据. Web editors may not upload or publish any content that does not meet copyright criteria. 例如,用谷歌搜索找到的照片不能下载和发布在梯形上.edu without express permission from the photographer or owner of the photograph.

6. 禁止内容

  1. Advertising non-College entities, 企业, 组织 or 产品.
  2. 内容 that implies institutional endorsement of entities, 企业, 组织, 产品, 项目或服务.
  3. 内容 or links to pages that are inconsistent with the College’s mission.


1. If a campus member wants to change content on a page, add additional pages to an existing section, or request new features that require development work or third-party software, Web内容请求必须通过电子邮件提交给Web营销和内容管理器, 电话, 或提交表单: http://keystonecollege.wufoo.com/forms/q1j849ej0jfqft5/

2. All requests require the following information:

  1.  Name and contact information of requester.
  2.  The URL(s) for the page(s) on which changes are being requested.
  3.  Detailed instructions with requested edits.
  4.  Indication of urgency/time-sensitivity of the request. Every attempt will be made to fulfill requests quickly, but projects or requests received before yours may take precedence. 请尽可能提前计划请求,以确保不会错过相关的截止日期.
  5.  要插入/替换的内容.
  6.  Attached images or documents if required. Please see “Photo and File Attachment Formats” to find out how to submit these items.

3. 请求批准流程

  1.  所有请求都将收到来自网络营销和内容经理或通信办公室成员的确认. 所有完成的工作将通过电子邮件通知请求者,请求者将有机会批准变更.
  2.  所有更新都将由网络营销和内容经理以及通信办公室进行审核和验证,以确保与大学的使命一致, 品牌和声音.
  3.  Requestor should review changes and advise if further edits should be made.

4. 照片文件和附件格式

  1.  Photos: Photo 文件 should be submitted as jpgs, 至少72 dpi,宽高比3:2(垂直照片的最小值为900×600像素或600×900). Photos are subject to evaluation for quality and appropriateness.
  2.  如果文档是一个表单,并且要求用户通过物理签名编辑或添加信息,则可以使用Word文档.
  3.  pdf文件必须遵循皇冠体育网站的图形标准,并可进行编辑. 不确定其文件是否符合此标准的请求者可以提交一个Word文件进行简单编辑, and the Web 市场ing and 内容 Manager will create the PDF file for posting.
    • PDF网页可访问性标准:在公共网站上发布的PDF文件应该让那些视力不好或没有视力的人可以使用屏幕阅读器. 协助浏览网页, as much content as possible should be posted as accessible web pages, 而不是PDF文档, and all posted PDFs must be accessible.
    • 适合PDF格式的内容:大多数内容应该以网页形式发布,便于更新, 而不是PDF文档. 这适用于指导方针, 一般程序描述, information that gets updated frequently, 有时报道. 内容 that may need to be posted at a PDF includes a signed/dated memo, 一个正式的政策, 或者一份打印出来的报告.
    • 创建可访问的pdf文件的政策和指示将被制定并传达给Web内容委员会.